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Girl Scout Camp is for Everyone!

Why Support Girl Scout Camps?

Camp Ida Smith is a place for all girls, whether inner-city, or out-of-town visitors. 

I support Girl Scouts camp because it's so important that girls learns they can do anything they put their minds to.  They need to know with hard work and determination they can fly.

I support Camp Twin Canyons because every year my daughters and I learned new skills, and I got to be party of my "camp family" for one week a year.

We support Girl Scout camps because of the very positive first camping experience that our 8-year-old granddaughter had at Camp Skylark last summer.

I support Girl Scout camps because . . . the experience shapes and empowers girls for life.   I am amazed by how my daughter jealously guards her week at Diablo Day Camp every summer to make sure she has not missed it in 11 years. 

What’s your reason to give? 


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